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kelsey jones Kelsey12
NAME ;; Kelsey Marie Jones
NICKNAME(S) ;; Kels, Kelly
GENDER ;; Female
AGE ;; 17 years old
BIRTHDAY ;; January 9th
SCENT ;; An irresistible blend of luscious wild berries and rose petals are wrapped in a touch of sensuality for a captivating signature. A charming and sparkling surprise of vibrant fruits, kissed by a bouquet of soft petals and touch of a sweet indulgence; vanilla.
VOICE ;; The depths of wisdom beseech the sweetly toned edges of her voice, twirled into the utter sense of beauty. She has a rather angelic tone, one that soothes the mind and can easily calm down any being.

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kelsey jones Tumblr_mo817o0d6v1qehsoxo2_500
kelsey jones Pinkdi10

WEIGHT ;; 55 kg/121 lbs
HEIGHT ;; 5'6"
EYE COLOR ;; Kelsey's eyes are that of an unfathomable liquid amber, illuminated especially under the light of the sun and moon, utterly and completely hypnotic. The color itself is equivalent to the beauty of the day where the sun begins to settle in. As it gleams a light amber, it is lined with thin streaks of a darker brown, swirling vividly around the circle of her pupil and around the very edge of her iris.
HAIR COLOR ;; Her hair is a dark chocolate color. Silky, soft, and smooth, Kelsey's hair has a unique scent to it. Fresh and sweet with wamrth from within is what they describe this fragrance. Including notes of raspberry, peach, and pineapple, the fragrance begins as a fruity bouquet that slowly blends into heart notes of purple freesia, musk, and dewberry, before transforming into a delectable treat with chocolate, vanilla, and amber.

kelsey jones Pinkdi10
kelsey jones Tumblr_mq31t5fhih1su8ec1o1_500
kelsey jones Pinkdi10

PERSONALITY ;; This lady has the most vicious temper. The slightest mistake can infuriate her and send her into a hurricane that changes her moods in a matter of minutes, sometimes even leading to a breakdown. Kelsey can be the most fiery person that some may ever meet. Her choice of words and combat are no challenge to her and it's difficult for her to come respectful to those she deems unworthy. The only way to surge into her small world is to do something that even puts her to shame. Sometimes telling her off will make her respect a person since not many even dare to try.

Only a few of her words are spoken from her while the rest is represented by her body language. Her eyes tend to say things that she won't. When it comes to people of the opposite sex, she is always a charmer with words and actions. It is not uncommon for her to break hearts since she is afraid of getting too close and of her own heart becoming shattered. In the eyes of the majority of people, she is a project that they just have to fix. Maybe believe that she will change if they get close enough to break down her barriers and learn everything. Whether this is true or not, no one knows. Not even Kelsey herself.

Kelsey is headstrong to take on anyone. There is no one that she would not go back down from or fight. When it comes to being challenged, Kelsey doesn't hesitate to accept it. She always tries to keep her temper and ego in control when it comes to little scuffles or fights. Kelsey would always be the person who would attack first. Killing a person is something she would never dream of doing unless it was absolutely essential and she had no other option. It is very hard to get her to become her hidden self since it is buried so deep within herself that even she isn't aware that it still exists.

According to Kelsey, she harbors a beast in her soul. It is a burden to her that it causes her to lash out with a record setting ferociousness. It only comes out when fire runs hot through her veins and she's infuriated. While at first she'll try to control it, she will eventually just let it have its free roam over her emotions because she grows bored of holding it back. When the monster has taken control of her mind, it destroys all rational thought and she will attack through her tradition of striking first remains in effect. To get another to attack before she does, she will taunt them on things that she knows will bother them. In this state, it is best to leave her alone and let her quiet down on her own. One little mistake can send her in a hurricane. Kelsey is a rather dull character, until her anger surges through her delicate veins.

After all her shields and walls are broken down, she becomes a whole different person. She turns into a sweet, humorous, compassionate girl. Kelsey can be rather outspoken, meaning she is always standing up for what she believes is the right thing to do. She is always the first to stand up in a fight alongside her companions, and won't hesitate to show they are her main priority. She can show this by defending them and sharing her compassion. She can also be unconsciously shy, subtle, and definitely holds a soft spot for the people she cares about the most. She holds a secret, in which comes from her past. What she doesn't realize is that everybody would judge her because of it. She is always at a constant war with herself. She believes that telling her past would severe the bonds she makes, making them doing the same in the near future, while another part of her wants to be completely truthful, honest, and not scared. Since they're important things, she can't choose between the three. She often seems to have a massive anxiety attack from this, and it grows more, day by day.

Kelsey can be rather guarded at times, especially around guys. She usually acts boring or rude as a female could get. She always wanted love, and used to believe in it. But how could she ever love someone? The truth behind her secret would ruin it; everything. Being loved and returning the affection as much as the person does is something she cannot openly express, and would need some time to get used to the fact, for her opening up are extremely poor and can barely get out one truth. To capture her heart isn't as easy as you think. They are many things you have to be in order to be her secret admirer. Want to know what they are? Figure them out, bitch.

Besides of her aggressive actions, Kelsey can be a great friend, and a loyal person. Even though she can often be interrupted by her thoughts and drama that happens in her everyday life, you can conclude her to being a friendly, compassionate female, who in the end makes the right decisions. Though the choice of her secret lays hidden behind her mask, but gradually, with the help of her future companions, maybe she could eventually let loose and be the wonderful feminine she always was, and maybe perhaps, she can find someone who she can love and return the affection to.

kelsey jones Pinkdi10
kelsey jones Tumblr_inline_mqiihgTyDM1qz4rgp
kelsey jones Pinkdi10

• Pickles
• Vanilla
• Floral scents
• Tea
• Arguing
• Coffee
• Oreos
• Cheesecake
• Music
• Betrayal
• Complaining people
• Her roommate
• Her temper
• Thoughts.
• Affection.
• Liars.
• Friendships and relationships.
• Lying (only if it's necessary)
• Planning
• Helping
• Understanding
• Getting what she wants.
• Her temper
• Trusting people
• Honesty
• Instructions
• Her past
• Emotions
• Karma
• Drama
IMPERFECTIONS ;; Kelsey has Social Anxiety Disorder, also known as SAD or Social Phobia. SAD is an anxiety disorder in which the victim has an overwhelming fear of social interactions. They fear they will make a mistake, look bad, and be humiliated in front of others. They often feel as if they are being watched, judged, and criticized by others. Anxiety can often build into a panic attack when they're in an uncomfortable social situations that the victim would normally avoid or run away from. People with SAD often fear events long before they actually happen — sometimes even if the event is over a month away (anticipatory anxiety). They often feel happy and comfortable talking to people they are close to. For example: good friends and family, but fear interaction with people they don't know, or people they barely know. It is common for them to shake, have an increased heart rate and begin breathing heavily. They usually fear speaking to crowds of people, but usually people with Social Phobia are also anxious about other situations, such as eating or drinking in public, sharking work with others, asking questions or given orders, being the center of attention, and even using public things. Kelsey has this disorder, and experiences everything that comes along with it. This is why she is rarely seen with people and is often seen not talking, using it as somewhat a shield. She finds it difficult to make friends and is prone to having panic attacks here and there.

Kelsey also has Bipolar Disorder. Bipolar Disorder is a disorder in which the victim has severe low and high moods. It can change from depression, to anger, to complete happiness and energy. Sometimes, mood swings can occur only a few times a year, or several times a day. It's known as being a disruptive, long-term condition, and can cause symptoms of depression and mania at the same time.

Kelsey has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, also known as ADHD. ADHD is a disorder in which the victim has an overwhelming trouble in concentrating in things like school work or sitting still. They have troubles on focusing and remembering simple things like how to make their bed, the person's name, and instructions. They even have a hard time sitting still, meaning they always have to either shake their leg while sitting down or fidget with their hands. It's a chronic condition that affects millions of children and often persists into adulthood. ADHD can include a combination of problems such as sustaining attention, hyperactivity and impulsive behavior. Some victims may struggle with low self-esteem, troubled relationships and poor growth in school.

kelsey jones Pinkdi10
kelsey jones Tumblr_inline_mqm3bdefWk1qz4rgp
kelsey jones Pinkdi10

FAMILY ;; Her family doesn't allow her to make any contact with them. That's the rule that was made from her father, so she doesn't really remember what they're names were.
FRIENDS ;; None. She doesn't really enjoy making 'friends'.
ENEMIES ;; None at the moment.
GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND ;; Kelsey has no partner, though this doesn't bother her much. Kelsey is in no rush for a girlfriend/boyfriend. Since she has had bad experiences with the people in her life, she doesn't wish to have a person to call her own.
CRUSH ;; No person has impressed Kelsey enough to fall into this category.
CHILDREN ;; Pipe the fuck down, she's too young.
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