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 "We meet again, Jones."

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"We meet again, Jones." Empty
PostSubject: "We meet again, Jones."   "We meet again, Jones." I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 25, 2012 3:10 am

Knowing she wasn't in the mood to be questioned any further, Nathan pulled out of the parking space and onto the street before speeding down it. Kelsey watched as the shimmer of each tree, sign and person they drove by became a blur the faster Nathan drove. Keeping herself in check, she reminded that she couldn't lose control but that little bit of her, still pumping with anger, told her otherwise. Within seconds, Nathan drove into the lame roomed with countless beaten up sheds, a few warehouses coming into view of those that belonged to other groups before finally Nathan began to settle down near a vacant lot where off to the side stood a warehouse she had never seen before. "This is it?" She pointed out of the window, her eyebrows furrowing together in confusion. "How come I have never seen this before?" "I told you, Frank had another warehouse. Neither one of us knew about it. It came to be just as much as a surprise to us as it was to you." Killing the engine, Nathan pulled the keys out once he parked the car around back where no one would see it. "Come on, we better head in." Exiting the car, they all walked up the back way being that they had parked near it and opened the door before stepping inside. Everything was taken down, not a single speck of evidence left behind that anyone had even placed here. "What time is it?" James asked as he made his way around them. Nathan checked the watch balanced on his wrist. "It's exactly twelve o'clock. We're—" —right on time." Another voice was heard, a voice that made Kelsey's spine shiver. A voice she has heard once before. Turning around, she was met with the eyes of the one guy she'd never thought she'd see again. "We meet again, Jones." He smirked.

Oh fuck.
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"We meet again, Jones."
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