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 They don't call her 'Danger' for nothing. ♥ Kelsey Jones

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They don't call her 'Danger' for nothing. ♥ Kelsey Jones Empty
PostSubject: They don't call her 'Danger' for nothing. ♥ Kelsey Jones   They don't call her 'Danger' for nothing. ♥ Kelsey Jones I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 10, 2013 1:54 pm

They don't call her 'Danger' for nothing. ♥ Kelsey Jones 18-vam10

      They don't call her 'Danger' for nothing. ♥ Kelsey Jones Coolte10

      They don't call her 'Danger' for nothing. ♥ Kelsey Jones Tumblr_inline_mqiihgTyDM1qz4rgp

      F U L  L - N A M E ; Kelsey Marie Jones
      N I C K N A M E (S) ; Kels, Kelly, "Danger"
      A G E ; 16 years old
      G E N D E R ; Female
      B I R T H D A Y ; January 9th
      S E X U A L - O R I E N T A T I O N ; Pansexual
      O C C U P A T I O N (S) ; None at the moment.

      They don't call her 'Danger' for nothing. ♥ Kelsey Jones Coolte11

      They don't call her 'Danger' for nothing. ♥ Kelsey Jones Tumblr_mq3jdev80Z1su8ec1o1_500

      W E I G H T ; 120 pounds
      H E I G H T ; 5' 6"
      E Y E - C O L O R ; Kelsey's eyes are that of an unfathomable liquid amber, illuminated especially under the light of the sun and moon, utterly and completely hypnotic. The color itself is equivalent to the beauty of the day where the sun begins to settle in. As it gleams a light amber, it is lined with thin streaks of a darker brown, swirling vividly around the circle of her pupil and around the very edge of her iris. The color also has some smooth splashes of green, though you can almost see them, for their faded in.
      H A I R - C O L O R ; Her hair is a dark chocolate color but once the sun settles on her hair, it turns into a light brownish color. Silky, soft, and smooth, Kelsey's hair has a unique scent to it. Fresh and sweet with warmth from within is what they describe this fragrance. Including top notes of raspberry, peach, and pineapple, the fragrance begins as a fruity bouquet that slowly blends into heart notes of purple freesia, musk, and dewberry, before transforming into a delectable treat with rich base notes of chocolate, vanilla, and amber.
      H A I R - S T Y L E ; Kelsey's hair can change here and there, but you'll mostly see her with curly hair, and whenever she's having a lazy day, she'll normally tie it into a messy bun.
      S T Y L E ; Considering she's not one of those girls who love to wear dresses, skirts, or even high heels, she'll normally wear a shirt with dark skinny jeans, converse, and her leather jacket. Whenever she's in a bad mood, you'll always see her wearing a leather jacket or something that'll tell you to back the hell off.
      F R A G R A N C E ; An irrisistible blend of luscious wild berries and rose petals are wrapped in a touch of sensuality for a captivating signature. A charming and sparkling surprise of vibrant fruits, kissed by a bouquet of soft petals and touch of a sweet indulgence; vanilla.

      They don't call her 'Danger' for nothing. ♥ Kelsey Jones Coolte12

      They don't call her 'Danger' for nothing. ♥ Kelsey Jones Tumblr_mq31t5fhih1su8ec1o1_500

      P E R S O N A L I T Y ; Kelsey's mother, with all her loving ways, often compared her personality to that of her temper or her eye color. She would always say, "She's bitter, hallucinogenic, and really fucking hard to handle." Despite this, Kelsey tries her hardest to treat people the way they're meant to be treated. She can be egotistical; she can be arrogant. Kelsey carries herself with poise and demands respect, but to those who are her friends, she is loyal to a fault. She considers all people close to her her family, as she never really had one. What she hates more than anything else is people who give their word and break it at the drop of a hat. If she asks you to give her her word and you can't, you can damn well say so that Kelsey hates liars. People who don't keep their word are no better.

      This lady has the most vicious temper. The slightest mistake can infuriate her and send her into a hurricane that  changes her moods in a matter of minutes, sometimes even leading to a breakdown. In her opinion, she thinks she became this cold, mean person due to the past. Kelsey can be the most fiery person that some may ever meet. Her choice of words and combat are no challenge to her and it's difficult for her to come respectful to those she deems unworthy. The only way to surge into her small world is to do something that even puts her to shame. Sometimes telling her off will make her respect a person since not many even dare to try.

      Even with her smart mouth, Kelsey prefers to be quiet due to her Social Anxiety. Only a few of her words are spoken from her while the rest  is is represented by her body language. Her amber eyes also tend to say things that she won't. When it comes to people of the opposite sex, she is a charmer with words and actions. It is not uncommon for her to break hearts since she is afraid of getting too close and of her own heart becoming shattered. In the eyes of the majority of people, she is a project that they just have to fix. Maybe believe that she will change if they get close enough to break down her barriers and learn everything. Whether this is true or not, no one knows. Not even Kelsey herself.

      Kelsey is headstrong to take on anyone. There is no one that she would not back down from or fight. When it comes to being challenged, Kelsey doesn't hesitate to accept their challenge. She always tries to keep her temper and ego in control when comes to little scuffles or fights. Kelsey would always be the person who would attack first. Killing a person is something she would never dream of doing unless it was absolutely essential and she had no other option. She is the most honorable and courageous person that some will ever meet. She has good intentions most of the time but just has the worst days of achieving her goals and being left alone.

      After all her shields and walls are broken down, she becomes a whole different person. When they pass the test, Kelsey turns into a sweet, humorous, compassionate girl. Even those who are close to her should be wary, she will snap. To outsiders, she regains her cold demeanor. It is very hard to get her to become her hidden self since it is buried so deep within herself that even she isn't aware that it still exists. Don't be fooled, for she won't open up to you easily. It'll take some time.

      According to Kelsey, she harbors a beast in her soul. It is a burden to her that causes her to lash out with a record setting ferociousness. It only comes out when fire runs hot through her veins and she's infuriated. While at first she'll try to control it, she will eventually just let it have its free roam over her emotions because she grows bored of holding it back. When the monster has taken control of her mind, it destroys all rational thought and she will attack through her tradition of never striking first remains in effect. To get another to attack before she does, she will taunt them on things that she knows will bother them. In this state, it is best to leave her alone and let her quiet down on her own. One little mistake can send her in a hurricane. Kelsey is a rather dull character, until her anger surges through her delicate veins.

      Onto the good side, Kelsey can be rather outspoken, meaning she is always standing up for what she believes is the right thing to do. She is always the first to stand up in a fight alongside her companions, and won't hesitate to show they are her main priority. She can show this by defending them and sharing her compassion. She can also be unconsciously shy, subtle, and definitely holds a soft spot for the people she cares about the most. She holds a secret, in which comes from her past. What she doesn't realize is that everybody would judge her because of it. She is always a constant war with herself. With her secrets, personality, and her temper. She believes that telling her past would severe the bonds she makes, while another part of her wants to be completely truthful and honest. Since both are two important things, she can't choose between the two. She often seems to have a massive anxiety attack from this, and it grows more, day by day.

      Kelsey can be rather guarded at times, especially around boys. She usually acts as boring or rude as a female could get, but rarely would anyone see her not being flirtatious with someone. She always wanted love, and used to believe in it. But how could she ever love someone? The truth behind her secret would ruin it; everything. If someone did catch Kelsey's heart, it'd have to be someone who can be understanding to how she feels and what's going on in her previous life. Patient is a plus, for it takes time to figure her out and capture her heart. Being loved and returning the affection as much as the person does is something she cannot openly express, and would need some time to get used to the fact, for her social skills are extremely poor and can barely make someone's day. To capture her heart isn't as easy as you think. There are many things you have to be in order to be her secret admirer. If you think it's a good idea to mess around with her emotions and throw them off a cliff, you're obviously messing around with the wrong person, for she's had enough of people messing around with her emotions and thoughts.

      You most definitely have to be understanding and attentive. She wants a boy who will always listen to her problems, can handle her bipolar disorder.. Someone who can relate to her problems. Finding a person like that, especially a guy is tough. Well, for Kelsey at least. Not a lot of people suffer like she does. If you can be that kind of person who can understand, who never regrets having her in your life, and someone who will be supportive and back her up, then you definitely have a chance that you'll win her heart.

      Don't ever ask Kelsey to tell you about her past. Her past has been a difficult time for her and it's impossible for her to explain and remember all those terrible memories that has happened, especially to her family, considering they hated her with all their life. Her dad never accepted her the way she was, but her mother didn't find her any different. She found her as a beautiful daughter. She never told them about the difficult times she's been having and her depression, and she probably will never get the chance to, considering she banned herself from ever having contact with her own family ever again. The only person who knows what she's going through is her mother, Carly.

      All in all, Kelsey can be a great friend, and a loyal person. Even though she can often be interrupted by her thoughts and the drama that happens in her everyday life, you can conclude her to being a friendly, compassionate female, who in the end makes the right decisions. Though the choice of her secret lays hidden behind her mask, but gradually, with the help of her future companions, maybe she could eventually let loose and be the wonderful feminine she always was, and maybe perhaps, she can find someone who she can love and return the affection to.

      They don't call her 'Danger' for nothing. ♥ Kelsey Jones Coolte13

      They don't call her 'Danger' for nothing. ♥ Kelsey Jones Tumblr_mo817o0d6v1qehsoxo2_500

      P H O B I A S ;
      • Galeophobia (fear of sharks)

      L I K I N G S ;
      • Police sirens
      • Being challenged
      • Winter
      • Flirting (depends on her mood)
      • Hot chocolate
      • Cuddling
      • Getting in trouble

      D I S L I K I N G S ;
      • Deep water
      • Being interrupted
      • Being blamed on.
      • Teachers
      • Getting caught by the police
      • Made fun of.
      • Needles
      • Boys (sometimes)
      • Losing a fight.
      • Players
      • Sharks

      S T R E N G T H S ;
      • Lying
      • Planning
      • Helping
      • Understanding
      • Getting what she wants.

      W E A K N E S S E S ;
      • Temper
      • Trusting people
      • Honesty
      • Instructions
      • Her past
      • Emotions
      • Her mind
      • Karma
      • Cops

      H A B I T S ; Kelsey has the habit on biting her lip, licking her lips, and biting the inside of her cheek.

      F L A W S ; Kelsey has Social Anxiety Disorder, also known as SAD or Social Phobia. SAD is an anxiety disorder in which the victim has an overwhelming fear of social interactions. They fear they will make a mistake, look bad, and be humiliated in front of others. They often feel as if they are being watched, judged, and criticized by others. Anxiety can often build into a panic attack when they're in an uncomfortable social situations that the victim would normally avoid or run away from. People with SAD often fear events long before they actually happen — sometimes even if the event is over a month away (anticipatory anxiety). They often feel happy and comfortable talking to people they are close to. For example: good friends and family, but fear interaction with people they don't know, or people they barely know. It is common for them to shake, have an increased heart rate and begin breathing heavily. They usually fear speaking to crowds of people, but usually people with Social Phobia are also anxious about other situations, such as eating or drinking in public, sharking work with others, asking questions or given orders, being the center of attention, and even using public things. Kelsey has this disorder, and experiences everything that comes along with it. This is why she is rarely seen with people and is often seen not talking, using it as somewhat a shield. She finds it difficult to make friends and is prone to having panic attacks here and there.

      Kelsey also has Bipolar Disorder. One little comment she makes and you'll suddenly get that she's bipolar by her cold demeanor and choice of words. She thinks she got the Bipolar Disorder ever since she joined the gang, and ever since she left, her bipolar has gotten worse than ever. Since she's trying to quit murdering people, she'll always take her anger out on things like punching the wall, harming herself, or even just yelling and screaming cuss words at the top of her lungs. That's the only way she can cope her anger. Unless, the people who she holds close to her heart try and comfort her with words.

      They don't call her 'Danger' for nothing. ♥ Kelsey Jones Coolte14

      They don't call her 'Danger' for nothing. ♥ Kelsey Jones Tumblr_inline_mqm3bdefWk1qz4rgp

      P A R T N E R ; Kelsey has no partner, though this doesn't bother her much. She is in no rush for a girlfriend/boyfriend. Since she has had bad experiences with the past relationships in her life, she doesn't wish to have a person to call her own, however, she's not 'afraid of commitment' and will most certainly hit on attractive males, but take it as a joke.

      C R U S H ; No one has made their way into this category and she knows it'll be difficult for anyone to ever will.

      F A M I L Y ; She doesn't really remember all her family members but the only members she knows and grew up with was her mother, Carly.

      F R I E N D S ; It's not easy becoming friends with Kelsey, considering she's prone to having panic attacks whenever she wants to talk to somebody. Plus, she's not the type of person you would like to call 'friend'. In secret, Kelsey would love to have at least one true friend in her life, for she hasn't had a good friend for years now. She has a friend at the moment, but she wouldn't exactly consider him as a friend.

      • Stefan Salvatore

      B E S T - F R I E N D (S) ; No one.

      E N E M I E S ; Believe it or not, Kelsey enjoys when she has enemies here and there. She always has an interest in enemies, considering it adds a tint of drama in her life and she's always up for a good challenge.

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They don't call her 'Danger' for nothing. ♥ Kelsey Jones Empty
PostSubject: Re: They don't call her 'Danger' for nothing. ♥ Kelsey Jones   They don't call her 'Danger' for nothing. ♥ Kelsey Jones I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 12, 2013 1:35 am

"Sit," He ordered as she stood, leaning against the counter. His face was solemn almost sympathetic even making the situation all the more tense as Kelsey did as she was told though she fought the urge to throw a tantrum. This was the last thing she needed and Kelsey cursed the day they ever left Barbados to come. She knew something was waiting for them when they came back and she was right—she always was. "Listen here, sweetie—" "I'm not you're sweetie," Kelsey spat, her eyes heavy with anger as she spit the word sweetie in disgust. "It's called figure of speech," Bentley snipped, his eyes piercing through hers in a way that told her that if she didn't stay quiet, there would be consequences. "Just tell me what the hell you're here for," Kelsey leaned back against the stool, kicking her legs up as she relaxed. "You guys are starting to bore me with the same old crap." "If I were you, I'd watch your mouth around me Jones. One wrong thing and I can and will have you locked up." He threatened darkly, "I'm here to help. Hell, if I know why but I—we all—know these bombings weren't just a local set up. This was retaliation towards your group." "You know shit," Kelsey hissed. She wasn't going to back down especially to some cop who could twist her words around. That's all they were ever good at—tricking you to benefit them. She'd seen it happen one too many times and she refused to believe anything that was coming out of Bentley's mouth. "I know that Lyndon is the leader of the Snipers. He's been in town for quite some time now ever since you came back. We've seen enough gang wars in our lifetime to know that they're not just here to check this place out.  They want what you have." Bentley cocked his head to the side, his eyes narrowed in a scrutinizing manner, almost as if he were checking to see if he could find answers within Kelsey's behavior. But, she didn't give anything away. "You own quite some property around here Kelsey; places that they want to call their own."

"And your point here is..." Kelsey gestured with her hands for him to continue. "My point here is," Shoving Kelsey's feet down from the counter, Bentley got in her face, leaving a few inches in between. "That if Lyndon Mathews turns up dead, you're going to jail." He spoke with such confidence it brought an unnatural chill down Kelsey's back. Licking her lips, Kelsey shrugged. "And what makes you think it would be me that'll get him killed?" "Because we all know you here Kelsey, you and your group are known for your constant need for power and the moment a threat comes to play, you have to get rid of it." Bentley crossed his arms against his chest, his eyes never once straying from Kelsey's. Kelsey didn't say much as she pressed her lips together, swallowing down the bite that forced itself up. She wasn't going to show it but she knew that Bentley was right. He knew more that he should and it worried Kelsey. Not wanting to give anything away, Kelsey sat up, leaning her elbows on her knees as she looked up at him through her lashes. "If Lyndon dies, it could be an accident, maybe even another gang member wanting a go at the so-called competition." Bentley didn't say anything for what felt like hours as he blinked a few times before letting out a sharp laugh, one that pierced through Kelsey's ears. "You and I both know that's a cold hard lie." "It's always a possibility," Kelsey shrugged, her hands clasped on her lap. "Let's be real here Bentley, you and your team will do anything and everything to ensure that I'm back in prison, locked away forever." "I know what's at stake here. What's going on around town is going to lead to not only one but many deaths. I'm trying to keep you from making the biggest mistake in your life—"

"The only mistake that could be made is letting that bastard live!" Kelsey barked angrily as she shoved out of her seat, chest heaving. "Fuck's sake, you think he's innocent or something? You don't know what the fuck he's been up to. All you fucking idiots worry about is me!" Kelsey shoved a finger to his chest, emphasizing her point. "Well, let me tell you something here Bentley," She growled in anger, "I'm not the threat anymore. He is." Letting those words escape her lips, Kelsey froze. Wiping her face in anger not being able to believe what she had just said, she cursed incoherently. "Fuck," She threw her head back, cursing the day she ever got involved with this. "I left the gang not too long ago.." Bentley didn't say a word as she stood there, staring at Kelsey with a blank expression. He didn't know what to make of the information he was just given. Of all the years he's known Kelsey, not once had she ever admitted something like that. "If he dies," Kelsey scoffed, a lazy smirk fitting her lips as she met Bentley's eyes, pure exasperation pouring from the soles of her own, "It's because he deserves it."

• • •

Slamming the door shut, Kelsey seeped in a sharp breath as she looked around. Almost everything was turned upside down. Biting the inside of her cheek, she grabbed the picture frame of both her and Jackson from the floor before chucking it across the room, the glass shattering to pieces. Cupping the back of her head as she pulled at the ends of her hair, Kelsey let out a rumble of annoyance, plopping herself down on her bed. Her eyes were thick with undeniable anger, pent up tension and immense about of loathing. She knew she should've expected the worse but she never thought it would end up like this. Lyndon was the one at fault; he tore this family apart and made her choose between the two people she can't live without. She lost the love of her life on more than one occasion and put all the people she cared about at risk. Karma shouldn't be biting her in the ass it should be the other way around—Lyndon should be  getting the punishment. He should be the one warned away from Kelsey but she knew, deep down, it never worked that way. Kelsey had been on the wanted list of the entire police department since she made her name known all across town. They thrived to throw her in jail where they said she belonged and maybe she did. She killed people, hurt those around her and did unspeakable things. Deep down inside however, she knew it was all for a reason. But, was it all worth it? Kelsey had yet to figure that out. Spotting the picture that the frame she had thrown supported, Kelsey crouched down, grabbing it before sitting back on her bed as she stared down at the photo. Kelsey was wrapped in Jackson's arms laughing at something he said, his head dug into her neck, a smile present on his lips. Letting her fingers brush against the memory, Kelsey closed her eyes, a heavy feeling in the midst of her chest as she thought back to the the moment in her life she never thought she'd have to relieve again...

Reopening her eyes, Kelsey growled angrily as she ripped the picture in half knowing the smile she had in it was not to last long. It never did. Standing with her chest heaving and her hands balled into fists, Kelsey looked around the room trying to figure out what she was going to break first. "That if Lyndon Mathews turns up dead, you're going to jail." Officer Bentley's voice rang in endlessly in Kelsey's ears causing her to lose it completely. Pulling each of the drawers out from the cabinet, Kelsey tossed them across the room not even flinching as it fell to the floor in a loud bang, the clothes that were once folded neatly inside now scattered around the floor. Throwing the lamp off, Kelsey swung it in the opposite direction as the glass shattered, adding onto the growing mess in her room, "Fucking son of a bitch!" Taking the covers from the bed, Kelsey began ripping them off knowing there was no point in having a bed if she wasn't going to be sleeping in it anymore. Flipping the mattress off, Kelsey didn't waste time before grabbing the variety of perfume bottles on the dresser and throwing them off the top, tipping the entire thing over. A loud slam was heard causing a yelp of surprise to come from Kelsey mom's mouth. Before anyone has the chance to say anything, she began shoving past everyone, darting up the stairs and into the room where she held the door open, her breath caught in her throat. Looking around, she couldn't believe her eyes. "Kelsey..." She choked, spotting him in the corner, clutching her head in her hands, blood oozing from her knuckles. Observing to the left it was there where Carly spotted multiple punches to the wall knowing Kelsey had let the rest of her anger out with her fists. "Kelsey..." Carly began once more, desperate to calm her tirade. She's seen her angry before but out of all those times, this had to be the worst one. Turning around to face her, Carly gasped as their eyes met. They weren't the same warm brown she was accustomed to—they were different. They were dark, black, scary and emotionless. It was like looking into the eyes of the devil and she felt as if someone had taken her will to breathe away.

Hesitant, Carly took a simple step forwards despite the voice in the back of her head screaming for her to run as far from her as she could. "Don't," She voiced calmly bu the force behind that one single word was enough to send an eerie chill down her spine. "W—what happened?" She choked out, her mouth going dry as she forced herself to keep walking, "What's wrong?" "Everything," Kelsey whispered, pain laced with each staggering breath she took. "I'm a monster, a predator," She shook her head, a sarcastic smile pulling at her lips, "I destroy everything I meet and you—you're no better." Swallowing at her words, Carly stood frozen in place, her brows furrowed in a frown, "Don't—don't say that—" "I should've listened to everyone when I had the chance. I'm the devil in disguise and I've fallen under my trap and god damn it, I can't get out." "You... you don't mean that..." Carly choked out, tears whelming up in her eyes. Kelsey couldn't help but think back to her time in the past, those same eyes looking into hers with nothing but sadness and regret. She didn't want that. She didn't want to disappoint her again. "Why are you still here?" She growled, her eyes darkening in a shade Carly couldn't detect. "Stop," Carly begged, desperate for her to calm down. She was talking crazy and she was trying her hardest to make sense of all this. "Why don't you hate me?" Kelsey spoke as though she were in physical pain and maybe she was but deep down inside, the pain she felt traveled far deep than that. "It would make this a whole lot easier—" "I certainly don't think me leaving will change anything." Carly hissed despite the hurt she was feeling inside. Her words cut through her like a knife. Mom?" She shouted, staring at her with a cold demeanor. "I'm leaving this house."
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They don't call her 'Danger' for nothing. ♥ Kelsey Jones Empty
PostSubject: Re: They don't call her 'Danger' for nothing. ♥ Kelsey Jones   They don't call her 'Danger' for nothing. ♥ Kelsey Jones I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 21, 2013 11:15 pm

"Can I..." Jackson trailed off, biting the corner of his bottom lip as he shied away a bit, knowing now wasn't the time to say much. "Be careful," Carly said, a look of concern shadowing her eyes. Standing, he quietly abed his goodbyes before leaving his family and Kelsey's family alone. Shutting the door, Jackson noticed the room changed from the last time he'd seen it. It surely looked like someone had a tantrum—it was a disaster. Spotting Kelsey sitting on the corner of her now fixed bed, her head in her hands, Jackson rolled on her feet, unsure of what to do. Sighing, Kelsey dropped her hands down to her lap, fingers clasped together in an anxious way as she stared long and hard at the ground before her. Cursing silently to himself, Jackson willed himself to speak knowing they would remain this way for a lifetime if neither of them broke the uncomfortable silence that hung over, suffocating them. But, before he had the chance to speak, Kelsey let out a breath she didn't know she had been holding in as she slightly craned her neck in the direction of her ex, a pang of guilt traveling from her chest down to the tip of her toes as she involuntarily shook from the anger she felt deep down inside. 'She shouldn't have let it get this far,' was the only thought running through her head at the moment as her eyes finally managed to lock on his and almost instantly she regretted it. Seeing the fear and worry behind them made the string inside of her multiply knowing he was only acting this way because of her and what she had done earlier that day. "Fuck," she rasped quietly, her head falling once more as she dug her fingers into her hair, feverishly pulling at her hair before facing him again. "Come here," Kelsey murmured gently as if, if she spoke any louder he would crumble. Gaping lightly, he was taken back a bit by her sudden decision to speak to him in a way that wasn't defensive or angry. She was being sincere, she was back to being himself but that, in a situation like this, was almost equally as bad. Taking a step forward, wanting to make sure this was what she wanted, Jackson pulled his lips into his mouth the moment Kelsey let out an aggravated sigh, his patience obviously running thin, "I said come here, damn it," she hissed lowly, her dark eyes watching his every move as he hurriedly stood in front of her. Staring wide eyed at her, afraid to say something that might upset her, Jackson held tightly on her breath, itching to reach out for her hand, something he would often do in situations like this. "I'm sorry," she whispered and he could tell it was for reasons more than just her little loss of impatience just a few seconds ago and immediately Jackson's muscles untightened as he relaxed in her presence. "It's okay," he whispered gently, a ghost of a knowing smile tugged at his lips before it fell, his eyes gently running over the dried blood on her knuckles as he winced upon how deep the cuts looked on her smooth looking skin. "No, it's not," Kelsey countered sharply, her eyes narrowed making Jackson's stomach summersault at how easily her emotions changed. "None of this is okay." "Kelsey—" "Jackson," she shook her head, cutting him off but Jackson wasn't about to let this go. He knew she was resorting to blaming herself for everything like she's done so many times before. With his brows pulled into a frown, lips pursed, Jackson nibbled the inside of his cheek as he tried to think of how to phrase his words correctly but nothing rang comfortable in his ears. Resorting to keeping quiet, he grabbed her hand instead, inspecting the gashes a bit more clearly this time. Seeing the concern building behind his irises, Kelsey snatched her hand from his hold, "I'm okay," It was her turn to use his words in a way she seemed fit causing him to roll his eyes in annoyance to her determination to hide her true emotions, "It was my fault anyways."

"Don't do this," Jackson quietly spoke, shaking his head, "It won't do you any good. It'll just fuel your anger—" "You can't seriously baby me for the rest of your life sweetheart," Kelsey growled lowly, "I didn't have to lash out, I didn't have to punch the walls but I did. I chose to fucking blame myself and nothing you say or do will justify that." "You were mad—" "For fucks sake!" Kelsey roared as she stood to her full height, even though she did, Jackson towered over Kelsey by a few inches who was gaping down at her, surprised by her sudden burst. "You can't keep making up excuses for me! I'm a monster, do you not understand that or are you just stupid enough to believe there's some good in me?" "There is good in you!" He argued in her defense, "and I would know because I've seen it before!" Kelsey scoffed, shaking her head, "You're delusional." "I'm right and you know it," Jackson fought back, desperate to get through to her. "You didn't have to go on a tirade and start punching the walls but you were mad and that's understandable. That's all I'm saying." He put his hands up in a defensive manner as if to let her know he wasn't done speaking, "You definitely could've handled it differently but we all have our own ways of dealing with things." Sighing, Jackson gently laid his hands against hers as he peered up at her when he saw she had calmed down a bit, "Just... don't be so hard on yourself..." "Fucking hell," Kelsey threw her head back, groaning as she rubbed her face with the palm of her hand before looking away, "Why are you so difficult?" She questioned out loud, more to herself than anything. "I'm sorry?" Jackson took a step back, letting his hands fall from hers, not knowing exactly how to go about handling this right now. He's never seen her so on edge before, both snippy and impatient. "No, it's not you—I mean—damn it," she hissed, her hands balling into fists at her sides, "You didn't do anything—it's just that," Letting out a frustrated sigh, she ran her hands through her hair in annoyance before she tugged her hair. Jackson immediately grabbed her hands before she could tug them any further. "Hey," He softly mumbled, his hands closing in around her own, his body falling into hers as he looked down at her, the innocent looking eyes she had made him smile, "You're going to end up bald if you continue that." Silence followed soon after the words fell from his lips and Jackson wondered if he possibly said something wrong when a grin broke out between Kelsey's lips as her chest began shaking, a giggle rumbling out from inside as she threw her head back in laughter. Furrowing his brows together in confusion, Jackson couldn't help the smile that began to spread across his face as he watched the light that he hadn't seen in a while spread through her like wildfire. Hooking an arm around her waist, Jackson gulped as Kelsey's eyes caught him in a smoldering gaze. Kelsey held back from breathing while he slowly licked his lips, "You know I love you, right?" He questioned as if trying to convince not only her but himself. "I know," She whispered silently. His mind fell back to the time where her lips spat venomously in her mom and his directions, spitting things he will never forget now matter how hard he tried. Noticing the change in his appearance, Kelsey pulled him into a hug, pressing him into her as she tugged at the ends of his hair, a permanent frown on her face as she tried to figure out what was wrong with him. Hiding her face in his chest, taking a whiff of his cologne and the natural scent he carried that smelled both like cinnamon and vanilla sent a wave of security through her as Kelsey wrapped her arms tightly around his waist as if he would disappear from her at any moment. "You scared me," he admitted quietly, his voice muffled. Parting her lips, at a loss for words, Kelsey listened for what he had to say, the pull at her heart strings growing more prominent. "I never saw you so.. so livid with me or in general for that matter, it was like I couldn't get through to you and somebody else took over your body completely..." Jackson cowered into her warmth, not wanting to look her in the eye, afraid she'd lash out at him again.

Hesitant at first to touch him, Kelsey bit the tip of her tongue as she coaxed him gently into relaxing against her. "It's... complicated." She sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose with her free hand at the lack of words she was pursing but, she knew, deep down, she couldn't let him in her life. "What did he say to you Kelsey?" Jackson pulled away from the comfort of her cordiality as he slightly sniffled, "I know they did or said something to upset you, what was it?" Without much of another word, a hard look came over Kelsey that rendered Jackson speechless of any other words to muster the courage to say. Grasping the back of his head, Kelsey slightly pulled her in so that his cheek latched to the moisture of her lips, "Don't worry baby," She mumbled, "We're going to handle it." "We?" Jackson stared curiously down at her, his teeth dug deep into the plump of his lower lip, catching her attention slightly as she absentmindedly pulled away from his face. "The boys and I," Kelsey nodded in confirmation, "don't you worry your pretty little head about anything. It'll soon be over." "What will be over Kelsey?" Jackson deemed anxious, wanting to find out information. He had been left in the dark for far too long and each ended in diastase. This time it didn't seem any different from the others. "Go back to your family," Kelsey said, catching Jackson by surprise. He expected her to cave, to let him know at least a little about what she had planned but this was Kelsey Marie Jones we were talking about and she didn't like talking about business especially when it involved with him. "Kelsey..." He nervously began, not quite sure if he could let this go. She tore her room apart for heaven's sake, something was clearly erroneous and it wasn't just any situation. He knew in his gut that something was bound to go wrong and something or rather someone was lurking around the corner, ready to strike—to turn this town upside down far more than they already had. "Is this about Lyndon?" The name brought an abrupt halt to Kelsey's stance causing the hairs on Jackson's arms to stand on end, giving him the confirmation he needed without her even speaking. Her eyes blazed drastically, an emotion he couldn't quite decipher passing through as Kelsey clenched her jaw, "Go back downstairs, Jackson," she growled lowly but it wasn't a thought in mind. No. It was an order and he didn't once dare to follow her order this time. No, he was gonna betray it. "Kelsey, tell me." He muttered, his voice came out much more hostile than before. Biting on her bottom lip, Kelsey sighed, running a hand through her hair. "I'm leaving Stratford." Staring in shock, not being able to believe she was doing this right now. "How can you just stand there and tell me this like it's nothing?" "It was my choice, Jackson!" Kelsey snapped. "He's not just some guy; I can't just deck him in the face and call it a day. I can't stand here and defend myself knowing the cops are after me and if he's killed, they'll lock me in. Plus, Lyndon is after you." "I'm still standing here, though, right?" He spat, throwing his arms in the air, showcasing he was moving, alive and well. "I'm still breathing!" "It's only a matter of time before he comes after you again!" Kelsey screamed and for the first time tonight, she zipped her mouth shut. "But you'll find a way!" He countered. Replying with a scoff on her face, she shook her head. "It's a never ending cycle." "B-but.. You promised me that you were going to be there for me." He whimpered like a lost child looking for his parents. His bottom lip quivered with anger and sadness. "Do you remember that?" Kelsey stayed silent, the night air aerating through their heated bodies, Jackson's flushed cheeks turning stale. "You promised that you would keep me safe and never leave." His chest tightened as his palms dampened.

"Stop thinking of the what-if's. I'm here, now. I'm safe, I'm alive. Isn't that what's supposed to matter?" "Don't you get it?" A look of bewilderment crossed her features, "My life is too dangerous." "You can't do this." Jackson spoke through gritted teeth, desperate to get through her. "I'm not the girl you think I am." Kelsey took a step back from him. "You're not the girl I think you are?" He huffed, feeling as though his whole world has come crashing down on the top of his shoulders. "I killed people. I do things you could never imagine. I'm wanted by the cops and wherever I go, I have to watch my back." She stopped, taking a deep breath. "You can't live like this and there's nothing you're going to do to stop me." Walking around her room, she picked up her suitcase she already prepared for herself. "Kelsey.." He whispered painfully but she didn't listen to him. Instead, she walked away, brushing past him along the way. "No!" He screamed, grabbing hold of Kelsey's arm. "Don't do this! Don't leave me." "Don't make this harder than it has to be Jackson." She hissed, keeping his eyes directed in front of him, not even daring to look at him. "I love you! Doesn't that mean anything to you?" He sniveled, the tears that were threatening to fall finally made it's way, tears slowly staining his cheeks. "No." She replied with a cold tone and hostile gaze which made Jackson stand there in complete shock, not wanting to believe that what she had just said was true; that this was all a dream. "It's over, Jackson."
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PostSubject: Re: They don't call her 'Danger' for nothing. ♥ Kelsey Jones   They don't call her 'Danger' for nothing. ♥ Kelsey Jones I_icon_minitime

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They don't call her 'Danger' for nothing. ♥ Kelsey Jones
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