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PostSubject: ♛ KING • MICHAEL • JOSEPH • JACKSON ♛   ♛ KING • MICHAEL • JOSEPH • JACKSON ♛ I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 29, 2014 4:48 am

♛ NAME ▶ Michael Joseph Jackson
♛ NICKNAMES ▶ Michael Joe Jackson, Mike, MJ, Applehead, John Jay Smith, Smelly
♛ GENDER ▶ Male
♛ SEXUAL ORIENTATION ▶ Heterosexual (straight)
♛ AGE ▶ 26 years old
♛ BIRTHDAY ▶ August 29th
♛ SCENT ▶ Michael is known to have a scent that will get your heart racing in any second. This fragrance features notes of mint, lavender, sandalwood, cedar, as well as rich amber, combining to create an elegant yet laid-back scent that is perfect for a casual night with a special someone or at any social function that requires you to look, feel, and smell your finest. It's a modern, but effective scent. This fragrance will drive you wild and is completely irresistible. Many people describe Michael's scent as warm, elegant, confident, sensual, and refreshing.
♛ VOICE ▶ Click this. Michael's voice isn't the deepest voice you would hear. It's actually a little high pitched. The depths of wisdom beseech the toned edges of his voice. Michael has a voice that soothes the mind and can easily calm down any being. Even when anger boils within his veins or is in a panicky situation with someone, his voice remains a calm, sweet melody, never affected by a mood.
♛ OCCUPATION ▶ Dancer & singer

♛ WEIGHT ▶ 136 pounds
♛ HEIGHT ▶ 5'9"
♛ EYE COLOR ▶ Michael's eyes are that of an unfathomable liquid brown, illuminated especially under the light of the sun and moon, utterly and completely hypnotic. As it gleams a dark brown, it is lined with  thin streaks of a lighter brown, swirling vividly around the circle of his pupil and around the very edge of his iris.
♛ HAIR COLOR ▶ His hair is a dark chocolate color. Silky, soft, smooth, and curly, Michael's hair has a unique style to it.

♛ PERSONALITY ▶ Being a human, Michael is seen as being compassionate, kind, noble, honorable, intelligent, responsible, academic, dutiful, and a gentlemen. He was definitely seen as a 'icon' and he had the admiration to be ambitious and studious. He also desired to become a doctor during his life and this was his profession of career of choice back before he even made the decision to become a dancer and singer. In his years, when it came to love and romance, Michael was liked, admired by and popular with women or the opposite sex. He was seen to be chivalrous, gallant, romantic, well-mannered, courteous and polite, traits which made woman fall deeply for the young Jackson. Unlike his brother who persistently chased and pursued woman as much as possible, Michael was much harder to get and challenging unlike his older brother, Randy. Michael didn't have a very close relationship with his father, Joseph, but he did with his mother, Katherine.

Michael was seen as respectful, intelligent, scholarly, chivalrous and even-tempered. Michael was very close to his sister, Janet Jackson, while they were growing up. Although Michael was very popular and had many friends during his life, Michael always considered Janet to be his best friend and companion. He was also a bit idealistic when it came to love and romance, even naive at times. Although Michael was only 17 years old, he displayed maturity, responsibility, and had a wisdom beyond his years. Because of this, Michael always acted older than his actual age. There is a large part of Michael and who he is deep down in his core that cares deeply and strongly for his own humanity as well as humankind. Michael has a strong respect for humans and a strong regard for injustice. Because of this, Michael often feels immense guilt and remorse whenever he sees someone hurt, harmed, or killed.

Michael is extremely caring, loving, helpful, understanding, selfless, empathetic, and compassionate. He doesn't like to see others suffering or in any kind of pain, whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental. Michael can be very wise and comforting to others and people can always depend on him. He likes to give advice, help people, and comfort others who need comforting and support. Michael is always willing to lend a helping hand when it is needed the most and he will put the needs of others before his own. He is always willing to save people, especially those who need saving the most at a particular time. He is the kind of person who tries to protect and save everyone at the same time. Michael is also highly honorable, noble, brave, courageous, altruistic, and selfless, especially when it  comes to people he loves and cares about. When it seems appropriate, Michael can be very fun-loving, upbeat and humorous. He is particularly practical, charming, playful, mischievous, and humorous around his close friends or people he knows. He can be sometimes be somewhat sarcastic or display a dry, sarcastic wit. His best friend often brought out the more fun, lighthearted, playful side of Michael's personality.

Michael is usually one to shy away from spotlight, because thinks that he'll embarrass himself somehow, but admits that he is much more enthusiastic about it when he sings or dances. He is a very selfless, idealistic approach to love. Michael is known to be respectful, polite, courteous, and chivalrous towards women. Because of this, Michael has always been popular, admired, and loved by the opposite sex or women since his life. He always respects women's choices and decisions, even if he doesn't agree with them. He is often very tender, loving, and gentle towards women but is also extremely passionate. Michael has proven many times, that values such as respect, honesty and trust are very important to him when it comes to romance, love, and relationships. Michael often emphasizes the importance of free will, freedom, liberty, choices, and respecting one's decisions. This was shown with his now, ex wife, Lisa. His deep, strong love for Lisa has highlighted how understanding and loving he can truly be. Lisa's own compassion and kindness were very important to Michael. He was often very loving and gentle towards Lisa but was also extremely passionate about her.

Michael is always the first to stand up alongside his companions, and won't hesitate to show they are his main priority. He can show this by defending them and sharing his compassion. He can also be unconsciously shy, subtle, and definitely holds a soft spot for the people he cares about the most. Even though people try to bring him down and try to make him seem like a bad person, you can conclude him to being a friendly, lovable male, who in the end makes the right decisions. Even though people point out things to him, whether it'll be about his face, voice, rumors, etc. Gradually, with the help of his future companions and the ones he has right now, they'll leave him alone, let loose, and let him be the wonderful person he always was, and maybe perhaps, he will be able to find someone who he can love and become passionate about again.

♛ LIKINGS ▶ There are too many things Michael likes in order to put them down in a list, but the things that he likes about the most are people, animals, peace, music, love, and children.
♛ DISLIKINGS ▶ Michael has been through a lot throughout his human life, and he still is, but the things that he dislikes the most are rumors, the media, tabloids, negative comments, injustice, betrayal, and harming a person's feelings.
♛ STRENGTHS ▶ His top strengths are known to be singing, dancing, putting dedication into something, perfectionist, and leaving people in awe.
♛ WEAKNESSES ▶ Michael has many things that can easily affect him and it'll sometimes leave him in anger, but the ones that affect him the most are rumors, being accused of something he didn't do, murder, drama, the past, and the low relationship he has with his family.
♛ IMPERFECTIONS ▶ Michael is suffering from a skin condition called Vitiligo. Vitiligo is a skin condition in which there is a loss of brown color (pigment) from areas of the skin, resulting in irregular white patches that feel like normal skin. It appears when immune cells destroy the cells that produce the brown pigment. It often affects the face, elbows, knees, hands, feet, and is very difficult to treat. This condition is one of the things that Michael's most insecure about and always covers it up with makeup.

• Katherine Jackson - Mother- Alive
• Joe Jackson - Father - Alive
• Marlon Jackson - Brother - Alive
• Tito Jackson - Brother - Alive
• Randy Jackson - Brother - Alive
• Jackie Jackson - Brother - Alive
• Jermaine Jackson - Brother - Alive
• Brandon Jackson - Brother - Alive
• La Toya Jackson - Sister - Alive
• Janet Jackson - Sister - Alive
• Rebbie Jackson - Sister - Alive
• Joh'Vonnie Jackson - Sister - Alive
• Janet Jackson
• Elizabeth Taylor
♛ ENEMIES ▶ He doesn't have any enemies and he wishes to not have anyone as a enemy. He wants to become good friends with everyone and have peace.
♛ GIRLFRIEND/WIFE ▶ He doesn't have either right now, but he would enjoy to call someone 'mine'. Don't worry though, he's not crazy about finding one right away. He's not that easy to get and is very patient when it comes to love and romance.
♛ CHILDREN ▶ Michael is both passionate about love and children. He absolutely loves children and has enjoyed being with them ever since he could remember. He loves them because he feels like they're the only one's where he can truly be himself around and truly understand him. He'd love to have children in the future someday and have his own wife.
♛ CRUSHES ▶ No one has caught his attention so far.
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