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 omg fuck u

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PostSubject: omg fuck u   omg fuck u I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 08, 2014 4:25 am

"Get your lazy ass up!" The piercing voice of none other than her roommate came barging into the room as the door flung open, slamming against the wall causing Kelsey to jump awake in her sleep though her eyes remained partially closed. Mumbling incoherently, she threw her head farther into her pillow, desperately trying to block her out, hoping that the more she cuddled under the covers, the sheets would swallow her up and she'd leave. But all hopes and dreams are crushed at some point.

"Don't you dare ignore me Kelsey Marie Jones or I will forcefully rip you out of that bed by your ankles!" Slamming a heeled foot to the hardwood floor, Carly crossed her arms against her chest, smoke practically flying out of her ears. Kelsey groaned covering her face with her hands, desperately seeking sleep. "Please Carly, give me another five minutes." She moaned out, trying to find that peace of mind she was just in before Carly came into the room like her ass was on fire. "I'm giving you to the count of three to get up or God so help me Kelsey, I will murder you," Her eyes burned against her skin as she glared in Kelsey's direction, "One..." She emphasized purposely, "Two..." She raised her voice louder, "Thr—" "For the love of God and all that is holy shut the fuck up!" Kelsey barked, her temper running thin. Feeling fairly feisty this morning as she stood her ground, Carly refused to fall under Kelsey's wrath. Carly locked her jaw tight, gritting her teeth together, "Whatever," She hissed at Kelsey, "did you forget that you have morning classes today or?"

Widening her eyes in realization, she shot up in bed, the blanket that oh-so comfortably kept her warm fell letting the cold breeze flash through her, bringing a sudden chill down her body. "What time is it?" "It's a quarter to seven which means you have about ten minutes to shower, get dressed and eat before we have to leave," Checking her watch, she scoffed, "and in this case you might as well skip it all and just get dressed because we don't have much time to do it all." "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," Kelsey muttered under her breath as she slipped out of bed, searching around the small room for something decent to wear.

• • •

"This is ridiculous! If I would have known you were going to do this, I would have left by now." Carly moaned and groaned as she gradually made her way down the stairs. "Oh pipe down Risi, you're giving me a migraine." Kelsey snapped, rubbing her head in emphasis to her words. "You have quite the mouth on you, do you ever put it to any use or do you just nag all the time?" Dropping her mouth to the ground, Carly flushed white as all the color in her cheeks disappeared. "You're a fucking bitch." "And you're a fucking drama queen, I guess we all have traits we dislike but have to live with unfortunately." Shooting her a sarcastic smile, Kelsey grabbed her keys from where she had last put them whilst sliding on her leather jacket. Carly opened the front door before stomping out and down the pathway towards her car. "I'll see you in class, bitch!" Carly called out from behind her, giving her a two finger wave as she blew her a kiss before getting inside her car and driving off.
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omg fuck u
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