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 code for fancy post with text behind image.

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code for fancy post with text behind image. Empty
PostSubject: code for fancy post with text behind image.   code for fancy post with text behind image. I_icon_minitimeSat May 25, 2013 2:21 am

Frumos Teren truly does reflect is name. Those two words come from the Romanian language and translate into "Beautiful Land". The land is constantly covered by a thin veil of mist during the evening and morning times. When the sun rises or sets, a wide array of colour is reflected off the mist's surface. Those colours dance on the world below it; giving it an almost mystical appearance. When paired with the forests on both sides of a massive canyon and the mountains that are so tall that they seem to kiss the sky, Frumos Teren truly is a beautiful place. Multiple rises decorate the earth's surface and strain for the height that the mountains possess. Almost every square inch of the land is covered in forest; it offers safety for all. A variety of prey is found here; it makes Frumos Teren almost a paradise like place. However, with all the good in it, many over look the dark shadows lying beneath the surface...


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code for fancy post with text behind image.
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