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Her heart accelerated as she solemnly stared at the picture that she was firmly holding in her hands. Camila's face etched into concentration, mouth sent in a firm line, as she let all many emotions rush through her like a chaotic wave. Some of the feelings she held back were something to do with bliss, concern, irritation. But, the most feeling her heart bumped through her was anxiety. The truly deep, frightening feeling became even more burly as each 4 minutes went by. Her cheeks heated with true agony. If only she could press the rewind button just to rewind all that happened and press play back in the old days.

She knew she couldn't. The past was the past, but something told her to hang on to that fragile line that has been slicing through her heart. It was truly excruciating, but she just couldn't give up this easily. It was December, the month Camila truly had a distaste on. Now, you must be thinking, 'Why does Camila hate December if that's Christmas time?' She dislikes Christmas, too. All because of the terrible catastrophe that happened on that exact same time. Frowning in disapproval, the girl teared her eyes away from the photo she firmly gripped on the palm of her hand, trying to hold back the horrid scream that's aching to burst out of her. Feeling her cheeks burn in a red-hot passion, she placed the picture back to where it belonged before she can even lose her self-esteem.

Why did that disaster happen to his dad? Why did she survive and not him? If only the truck saw where they were going while they passed the green light, the whole stressful situation would've never happened. The flashback was still very livid in her mind, and she knew that that accident will never disappear no matter how hard she tried. The only person who survived from that terrible car crash was her. Not even the driver of the truck survived, considering the front of the truck crashed into a car and then into a tree. How could a person survive that?

Her strong trance of thoughts were suddenly interrupted as a loud knock on her door came to her. She contemplated that it was her mother, whom she guessed just knocked on the door to tell her to go to bed, considering they had to work on the bakery her mother hired her to work at. The door made a creaking sound as she pushed it open, her eyes soon growing soft as she laid her eyes on her, her cheeks obviously in a burning rosy color from the tremendous heat she had. "Sweetie, are you okay?" Her words were laced with concern, which only made Camila to shoot her a fake smile and with a simple nod of her head.

Her response seemed to have made her mother frown in displeasure. She always knew when Camila was lying, but not today. Chewing on her bottom lip to see if she could contemplate if she was lying or not, she just nonchalantly shook her shoulders. "Alright, well, it's time for bed. You're gonna have to wake up at eight o'clock in the morning, considering tomorrow is the day the bakery has millions of customers rushing." Not even feeling like she should response to that, Camila just laid her eyes on her, impatience soon running through her veins.

Her rosy colored face turned into puzzlement as she noticed her mother maneuvering her way towards her. Seeing her bending down towards her, she planted her a light kiss on her forehead before she can even say goodnight to her and close the door. Pushing herself off of the edge of her comforting bed, Camila tugged the sheets that were sprawled onto her bed, down, fixing her comfortable looking pillows correctly before she can settle her petite silhouette back onto the bed.

Sitting down, she pulled the sheet of her bed up to where her shoulder was, comfortingly nestling herself on the bed before she can even turn off the light that was settled down next to her. Letting out a content sigh, she reached for the button of the light, soon shutting it off and when she closed her eyes, she fell into a deep slumber.

• • •

The young boy settled his head onto the head-rest, letting the lady calmly talk into the microphone. He has finally reached the familiar town called Stratford, Ontario, Canada. He hasn't seen his parents nor his siblings for quite some time now and he has promised him that he would be back when December came.

It's December 4th and he's already about to get off of the plane which he has been here for about two hours or so. A crooked smile smeared on his full lips as he memorized the days where he would always spend his holidays with his family, considering he hasn't had a girlfriend these past two years. His happy trance of thoughts were butted-in as the woman's voice spoke again, "Attention to all passengers, we have now arrived to Stratford, Ontario, Canada. Please start dropping down your things and wait patiently till we say you can come out of the airplane. Thank you and have a safe night!" That's all the woman had to say to make Justin quickly jump out of his designated seat and pull out his luggage.

He couldn't wait to see his little siblings again, Jazmyn and Jaxon. Especially his mother, Pattie, who he was sure would start weeping in front of him as he gives her a tight hug. It didn't take long for the line to start moving. Justin gradually followed behind the person in front of him hot in his tail as they slowly made their exit out of the airplane and onto the airport where he first came to hop on his plane.

Walking out of the little hallway they had to pass through, Justin looked up at the names they had hanging at the ceiling and tried to find his family. They told him they would be waiting him at the airport, but, he couldn't see them anywhere. Anxiety was ready to burst through him, what if they came to the wrong airport? What if they forgot that they would come and see him?

He shook his head, he was clearly going over the top; exaggerating. Inhaling a sharp breath, Justin walked around with his luggage following him hot on his tail. This was taking a while. Where the heck was his family?

It took a while for him to finally found them. Shifting his gaze to view his mom who seemed to be about to burst in ecstatic, his amber orbs lit up like a flashlight.

"Mom!" He burst out, literally running up, his backpack literally trying to catch up to his speed.

"Justin!" His mother exclaimed back, literally jumping off of the cerulean colored seat. It didn't take long for Justin to excitedly wrap his arms around his mother, slightly lifting her up off the ground in the process. "I've missed you, mom."

"I've missed you, too, sweetie." A light smile came to her facial features as she felt Justin drop her back to the ground on her feet, ending their hug. His gaze soon trailed off to his two young siblings, Jaxon and Jazmyn. Their faces slightly dropped as they noticed that he only hugged their mother. He couldn't help but let out a malleable chuckle. "You know I will never forget you guys."

Crouching down to about their height, he opened his arms in a gesture that he wanted a hug. "Come on, hug me." It didn't take long for them to quickly, but cautiously, drop off the seat that looked high from them and run into his open arms. He let out a cheerful smile as he gradually wrapped his arms around their small, fragile looking bodies. "We've missed you." Jazmyn blurted out, happily wrapping her tiny arms around his neck in a hug while Jaxon, on the other hand, wrapped his tiny arms around his waist. "Yeah!" Jaxon quickly blurted out as well.

"I've missed you guys, too." Keeping his arms wrapped around them, the hug lasted for two more minutes before they let each other go. Standing up in a normal position, Justin ended the kindhearted hug with a simple 'I love you'.

"I couldn't find you guys at first." He honestly spoke, his words heading towards Pattie. "I started to think you guys forgot that I was coming back this day or something." Letting out a nervous chuckle, he scratched the back of his neck. "I guess I was just over exaggerating." His last words made Pattie's face fall, sympathy soon running through her veins. "Why Justin, I would never forget you coming back. If I did, then that shows me that I'm a terrible mother."

Giving him a quick hug, Justin happily returned the hug before he can even let her go. "Well, I'm here. Home for the holidays."
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