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 "You don't want me to go?"

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"You don't want me to go?" Empty
PostSubject: "You don't want me to go?"   "You don't want me to go?" I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 22, 2012 1:15 am

"You don't want me to go?"

Running a hand feverishly through her hair with her other hand, Kelsey growled lowly. "I don't know what the fuck I want."

"Then let me go." Jackson suggested but immediately snapped his mouth shut once he took notice to her blazing, hot eyes.

"No." She snapped, her voice rough, causing a chill to run down his spine. Looking out into the sky, Kelsey took a comforting breath, letting the cool air enter and relax her. Letting her hand fall back to her side after she loosened her grip on him, Jackson watched as she stuffed her hands into the pockets of her jacket she was wearing.

Biting his lip, he contemplated whether or not he should take the chance to let her diminish or listen to her and stay put.

He chose the second option.

Turning, he stood arm to arm with Kelsey, holding his breath as the seconds ticked on by. The air around them thickened as he felt as if he was being suffocated.

"You know what I don't understand?" Kelsey muttered, her eyes hazed over in a dark manner as she fought to keep herself composed. Not even giving him a chance to answer, she did so herself. "Is that you say you don't want me to be mad at you, yet, you do things to get me angry."


"Did I ask you to speak?" She barked, her tone of voice slicing through the atmosphere as he stared down at her, wide eyed.

Clasping his lips tightly together, he swallowed hard, his eyebrows furrowing in the middle out of confusion. "Why are you acting like this?" He asked, speaking his thoughts out loud and almost immediately regretted it. Biting down on his tongue to keep from saying anything more, he inwardly cured himself taking notice as Kelsey's eyes darkened even more, practically burning holes through his eyes.

"It's a simple question, Jackson." She spat, "Did I ask you to talk, yes or no?"

"No." He murmured, defeated as his shoulders fell.

"Then shut the hell up."

Giving out a nod, he refused to look her in the eyes as he stared off ahead of him.

"You say you care about me, you say that you love me, yet, the second I turn my back on you, you go against what I've always asked you?" Shaking her head, she licked her lips. "Getting involved in my business is the one thing that you just can't do. I don't ask of anything else from you." Kelsey inhaled the air, "It's dangerous, Jackson... don't you understand that by now? I can't risk you putting your life in jeopardy because you're trying to help me."

"All you can see is the wrong I've done in all of this. You won't even let yourself see the true reason behind going to Nathan." He scoffed in discontent. "Every time I try to do something good for you, you always find a way to twist it into something bigger than it really is."

"I don't care what the reasons you had for what you did." She glared over at him, her eyes intense. "If you did it because you were trying or because you think it's what's best for me, I already told you, I don't need 'nor want your help. I can take care of myself just like I have many years before."

"You don't even see what you're doing to yourself." He mumbled in disbelief. "You had a mental breakdown, Kelsey. You've completely lost your mind and nearly bled to death and if you think that that's you being okay or getting better, you're clearly delusional." Taking a step forward, he fought against the voice in the back of his head that told him to stay away. "I know I shouldn't have gone to Nathan without consulting with you first, but I couldn't let them start something you guys wouldn't be able to finish."

"What goes on between Nathan and I, is just what—between me and him, not you."

Shaking his head, he ignored her. "If Nathan would have instigated a war between you and Luke's gang, everything would have gone downhill. You're not physically or emotionally ready to take them on right now. You can't see it but I can, and so can Zack and Nathan. Maybe later, in a few weeks or so, maybe even a month, but not now. Not with the state of mind you're currently in."

Kelsey turned away from him, a stone look expanding across her face as she clenched her jaw, anger radiating off of her.

Not knowing what to say or do at this point, he reached over to place a comforting hand on her shoulder, only to be rejected when Kelsey shrugged it off, a look of disgust clawing away as she scowled up at him.

"Don't fucking touch me." She hissed, venom dripping with the words she spoke.

His face fell as her words sunk into him, engraving into his mind. Retrieving his hand back, he placed it back to his side.

"I'm going to bed..." Facing him, Kelsey stepped so close that they were practically toe to toe, her face about an inch away from his. "And I suggest you don't follow me." Bumping her shoulder into his as she walked past, Jackson cringed at the sound of the door slamming closed behind her disappearing figure.

Running his fingers through his hair, tugging at the ends, he fought the urge to let out a stream of curse words.

How can somebody so loving, sweet, and kind could turn into such a monster in the blink of an eye? The thought was so mind boggling that he had just about enough of her bipolar antics.

She wants to act this way? Then so be it. Two can play this game.
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"You don't want me to go?"
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