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 "I'd thought I'd pay my old pal a visit."

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"I'd thought I'd pay my old pal a visit." Empty
PostSubject: "I'd thought I'd pay my old pal a visit."   "I'd thought I'd pay my old pal a visit." I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 25, 2012 12:17 pm

"What? Surprised to see me?" His smirk thickened, making her blood boil. "What in god's name are you doing here in New York?" She hissed, her hands immediately balling into fists at her side. "I thought I'd pay my old pal a visit." His face held a smile but the darkness that overshadowed his eyes showed that he was anything but happy to see her and she can honestly tell you that the feeling was mutual. "Why so gloom though?" He cocked his head to the side, his eyes blazing with humor. "Cut to the chase Luke," She snapped, skipping the bull crap and getting right to the point. He was all about mind games and she wasn't in the mood to play. "Clearly you're here for another reason other than to say hello." "You're right," He nodded, fire dancing in his eyes. "I'm here with my boys." And exactly on cue as if they had planned this, three other guys emerged from behind. "Let me guess," She humorlessly laughed, taking this all in, "you guys are the, and I quote, Luke's gang?" She cocked a brow, amusement tinted in her words as she bit back the laughter that was crawling up her throat, desperate to release itself. "You are correct, Kelsey Jones." He clapped his hands obnoxiously. "And you guys are the, and I quote, Kings right?" He mocked, staring behind her towards Nathan, James and Bryan, and everybody else whom stood behind her, confused as to what was going on right now. She bowed her head trying so hard not to burst out laughing but it was so hard, considering they had walked in here as if this was some type of movie they were filming. It was corny as hell and honestly unexpected of the idiot. I mean, you'd think he'd come in guns blazing? That would have been hell more entertaining than this.

"What the fuck is so diverting to you, Jones?" He spat, not pleased to see that she wasn't cowering away or the least bit intimidated by the other three that had made their way beside him. She looked up at them, her eyes glowing with self-produced tears. "You fuckers," She paused, chuckling, "are fucking hilarious." It was her turn to smirk, a full mouthed smile shining through soon after. "I mean, you could have all just walked in." She stuffed her hands into the pockets of her leather jacket, staring up at them with her amber eyes, "but, instead, you just decided to make a scene as if we were supposed to be threatened by you." Licking her lips, she shrugged. "I don't know about guys," She gestured behind her towards Nathan and them, "but I expected more out of you Delgado." She turned to face him. His jaw tightened and balled his hands into fists. "I'd watch that mouth of yours Jones—"

"Or what?" She challenged, licking her lips again, simpering sadistically. He stepped forwards, his body nearly surged to hers, anger radiating off of his body. "You don't want to know." He threatened, his voice low and dark. Getting right back in his face, she re-positioned herself, looking up at him with just the same amount of intensity he did, if not, more. "I'd watch that mouth of yours, Delgado. You don't know where it might end you up." "Like I'm scared of some little fucked up kid like you." Luke sneered in disgust, looking her up and down as if she were some kind of disease. "Kid?" She questioned with a twist of her lips. "Evidently, your mind is still set on four years ago when I busted your ass out of getting Vick's pay. Don't be pressed because some kid had run you dry of your money." This seemed to have hit a soft spot because his whole demeanor changed and within seconds, he had her jacket curled into his hands, their faces just centimeters away. "You've got quite the aperture on you, Jones." Luke muttered, his jaw clenching tightly.

"Big mistake putting your hands on me." Kelsey menacingly whispered and before he even had the chance to process what she said, she swung her arm around, grabbing the stem of her gun and bringing it forwards, pushing it into the base of Luke's neck. "I suggest you drop them." Luke's eyes widened in surprise, his fingers releasing the grip he had on her as he stood there unmoving, knowing that if he did, she'd pull the trigger. Nathan hissed furiously behind her, whispering incoherent curses under his breath. All of a sudden the guys that had accompanied Luke shuffled on their feet, attack mode set as they reached behind themselves to get what she had possessed first. Flashing her gun in their direction, she pulled the handle back, the click of the bullet moving into place heard, signifying that with just one jerk of the trigger, they'd be dead. "Move and I fucking shoot him." She warned, her eyes narrowed in their direction as they put their hands up as a sign of surrender—they weren't going to do anything.

Looking back at Luke, she dug the tip of her gun under his chin. "I don't like the way you've been talking to me, Delgado, and I certainly don't like the way you seem to think you're accessibly to touch me or even step foot into our territory for that matter." She sneered in triumph at his frozen nature. "This is my territory, my turf, my area, not yours and the fact that you think you can just come up here and try to threaten me is inexcusable." Slanting her head to the right, she clenched her jaw. "You wanted a meeting? You got one but now I'm not so sure I'm in the mood for talking anymore." Shoving her knee into his lower abdomen, Luke immediately doubled over in pain, groaning from the sudden move. Moving away from him, she watched as he nearly dropped to his knees. "You're pathetic." She scoffed, "you're a grown ass man and you act like a little bitch." Keeping her gun held close to her side, she stood tall in conquest. "Now that you've made your pitiful excuse of an introduction, let me tell you a little about what goes on around here."

"We," She made a point to circle a hand towards her, Nathan, James, Bryan, Natalie, and Miranda, "run shit here here in New York and the following cities that monitor around our area. We don't share and we certainly don't give in to newcomers who think they're too good for anyone else because as far as I'm concerned, you're nothing. Worthless bastards who only want in to prove a point; a point that so many others have tried to make before and wanna know where that ended them up?" She paused for effect, leaning in towards him, "Six feet under the ground." She whispered coldly. "Relax, Jones." A voice bellowed from the other side of the warehouse and she looked up to see her emerge from behind the other two in front of her. "We're not here to take your shit. We're here on business." She skeptically raised an eyebrow. "Business could be handled anywhere as far as I'm concerned, so, why here? Why New York?" "Business happens to be great here, actually. No one suspects a thing unless you've left evidence behind. My guys happen to be good at what they do and we've actually made quite the name for ourselves back home in Stratford. We came here to do what we've been assigned to do and we're leaving." "Bull crap." She chuckled, "No one comes onto someone else's property unless they have an agenda." Shaking her head, she chuckled, looking at Luke's hardened expression as he now stood off to the side, still holding onto his lower stomach. Putting her gun back in its place, she turned to see those behind her, "Nathan Flounder, James River, Zack Collins, Bryan Martinez, Miranda Grace, and Natalie Cruz." She grinned before looking behind her, "Peter McCall, Luke Delgado, Randy Constentino." "Now that we've got that out of the way," Randy looked to be turning to get something when instead he grabbed Kelsey by her neck, taking her by surprise as he slammed her on the ground in front of him. Kneeling down to her level, one knee perched, the other on the floor, he leaned in close. "I suggest you never put your hands on one of my men ever again."

She gritted her teeth together, trying to contain herself from doing something she would most likely regret later. She took notice in his posture, calculating all the right things to do in order to handle him blind.

The fucker didn't know who he was messing with right now.
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"I'd thought I'd pay my old pal a visit."
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