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 "Luke?" Luke, my ass—"

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"Luke?" Luke, my ass—" Empty
PostSubject: "Luke?" Luke, my ass—"   "Luke?" Luke, my ass—" I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 25, 2012 3:01 am

"Luke?" She emphasized, interest sparking within her as the adrenaline she's been long to feel began to pump through her veins. "Luke, my ass," She scoffed. "If the fuckers know what's good for them, they wouldn't have stepped foot on our territory. It's fucking common sense." She smirked. "Unless they know what they're doing..." "And want in on our turf." Zack finished off for her, seizing onto her theory behind their arrival. She nodded her head in agreement. "Exactly. It only makes sense that they pick now to come, too, with me out of jail and all." "What they don't know though," Nathan wavered a finger in their direction as he sat down on the couch. "Is that we're not up for negotiating." "Clearly," She barked a sharp laugh. "This is our land, we run shit here and there is no way in hell I'm going to share it with some crew who thinks just because they've done some crazy shit in the past, they're all of a sudden tough." "I agree with Kelsey." James cut in, taking a seat next to Nathan. "We worked our asses off for the things we've accomplished here. No one in the area has even tried to pull the shit we have off." "Which is what they are coming here for," Bryan settled himself on the arm of the couch. "They want to prove that they belong here and that they can do things better than we can." She smirked, shaking her head. "They want to play fire with fire. They're supposedly the best from where they come from and we're clearly the top here in little New York so they want to go toe to toe with us to see who's enhanced." "They want what they can't have fellas," Nathan settled back against the couch. "It's up to us to show them that there is no way in hell they are going to do anything here as long as we're alive." "Kinda reminds me of someone else who tried to start shit with us..." She paused, "look where that ended him up." She referred back to her encounter with Frank, may that bastard burn in hell with the shit he's put both her and Jackson through.

"Which is exactly what's not going to happen this time," Nathan warned, snapping his head over to her. "Unless it's necessary, there will be no killing involved." She shrugged her shoulders, "My fists work too." She grinned. Nathan shook his head, giving her a look before moving onto their conversation. "They want to meet up with us tonight." She raised an eyebrow out of curiosity, "When and where?" "Midnight tonight at our warehouse." "Why am I not surprised?" She stifled a short chuckle, knowing exactly what their game was. "They want a good look at our shit so they know exactly what to hit and what to get." "Which is why we're going to go over to Frank's old place down by River Bay." Nathan stated a matter-of-fact. "Now that he's dead and gone, no one's up for taking it so we play it off as if it's ours." Kelsey scowled, her anger rising just at the thought of him. "I thought we bombed that shit?" "We bombed his other warehouse." Nathan notified her. "Turned out Frank had more than one." She furrowed her eyebrows together in misperception. "Since when did he have another warehouse?" Knowing they didn't have enough time to explain about this, Nathan was interrupted by the shake of her head. "Never mind, you can explain that later. We need to get ready." Shifting her gaze up to the clock that was placed on the wall, Kelsey let out a small smile. Eight o'clock. Damn. Time passes by fast. "I'm gonna head up to bed already. I'll see you guys at midnight. Oh, and, remember to tell Natalie and Miranda 'bout this."

Pulling a white t-shirt over her head and putting on a pair of dark skinny jeans, she quickly combed her hair, leaving the way it is, since she didn't have time to curl it. Maneuvering her way towards her closet, she snatched a leather jacket, slithering it on in the process. Reaching under her bed, she quickly put on a pair of black and white converse. Seeing she was finished, she glanced over at the time. It was 11:45pm. Knowing they had about ten minutes to make it on point for their arrival due to the meeting. Tearing her gaze away from the lock, she shut the door closed behind her, careful not to make any noise before trudging down the stairs. "About time you showed up." Nathan scolded. She shrugged, "It's better late than never, right?" Choosing to ignore her, Nathan turned to face the others. "We go in head strong. What they say or do doesn't affect us. We let them know what's to go down while they're here and if they chose to disobey our wishes then we let them in on what'll happen if they do." Kelsey smirked, already knowing this was going to be fun to play with. Guys who come looking for trouble usually find it when they come in contact with them. "Should I bring my camera to film it, too? I'd love to see their faces when you hand their asses to them."

"I told you there will be no violent altercations unless they pull one on us. This isn't a meeting set to kill. This is one to set things straight and let them know what they're in for while on our territory." "Way to ruin the fun, Nathan." "Do you want to repeat of what happened last time?" Nathan stared at her long and hard, his eyes burning holes through her flesh but the amount of anger that registered inside of her was nothing compared. Firmly keeping her hands into her sides, she locked her jaw tight. "No." She muttered, venom leaking with that one syllable and slipping through the ears of everyone standing there, reminded them of the hatred she had towards bringing up the one thing she despised. Nathan cleared his throat, "Good," He stuffed his hands in his pockets. "Then we're good to go?" "Yeah, let's go." Zack motioned towards the door as they began walking out. Only Kelsey had other things in mind. "I'll be right back," Shoving past them, she walked over to the closet hidden behind the cut off, rounded wall. Wrenching the door opened, she grabbed the box on top of the shelf, rolling the code on the dial before tearing it open and taking hold of the gun it had inside. Stuffing it in the back of her jeans, she covered it with her shirt. Putting the case back to where she found it, she slammed the door shut, walking out of the house and over to the car where everyone was sitting. Seating herself in the passenger side, she settled herself comfortably back, her face short of emotions, adrenaline pumping in her veins. "Where did you go?" Nathan asked as he revved up the car, ready to take off. "None of your business," She sneered, "now drive."
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"Luke?" Luke, my ass—"
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